Gamolo Levitation

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The Gamolo Levitation

Carry in trunk or back seat of car. You don’t need a truck, van, SUV or station wagon. 
• No more lifting or carrying. A joy to wheel on or off stage. 

• One-quarter the size and weight of nearest competitor! Total weight less than 70 pounds. 


Gamolo I, II and III blueprints
SPECIAL $99.95 :

Most Dramatic Advance in Levitation illusion History! A Technological Breakthrough! An Engineering Revolution! Quantum Leap Ahead of the Others! QUIET Quality Without Bulk, LIGHTWEIGHT, compact, exceptionally ADAPTABLE, quiet and VIBRATION-FREE.

World's only truly PORTABLE QUIET Levitation Illusion. A levitation, not just a suspension. The girl actually rises in the air.

Featured by SIEGFRIED & ROY in Las Vegas!

"The BEST mechanical Levitation I have ever seen" - Abb Dickson, of the fabulous PRESTO SHOW.

GAMOLO has features NOT AVAILABLE in any other levitation... ENTIRE illusion packs into ONE suitcase 32" sq. by 6" high with handles AND mounted on sturdy rollers.

• CARRY IT IN TRUNK OR BACK SEAT OF CAR... You don't need a truck, van or station wagon.

• NO MORE LIFTING OR CARRYING... A joy to wheel on and offstage. One-quarter the size and weight of nearest competitor! Total weight 70 tbs.!

• IT'S QUIET. No more NOISE... Revolutionary design incorporates smooth, dependable lift action... No chain belt driven motor, no complicated electrical circuitry, no reservoirs, pumps, hoses, tubes NO PROBLEMS!

• UP FAST... You can set it up and break it down in just a FEW minutes. NO TOOLS REQUIRED! You won't believe it.

• NO SAW HORSES, STANDS OR SUPPORTS ONSTAGE DURING LIFT... Absolutely no visible means of support; NOTHING under or NEAR girl, nothing on stage to suggest method!

• NO BACKDROPS OR ASSISTANTS REQUIRED... The effect is entirely self-contained. You can operate it by yourself or floating girl can control mechanism. Girl can wear short shorts! No dress or gown required. Girl rises to height of five feet from the floor! Beautifully finished showpiece in deep pile shag carpet & velvet.

GAMOLO is the CHOICE of those performers who have compared!
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